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It’s Time To Book Your Lawn Care Program

With the start of a new lawn care season upon us, it’s officially time to start paying more attention to your grass. If you haven’t already scheduled your lawn care program for the upcoming year, it’s not too late! Weed Man offers several services that will help bring your turf back to life and provide you with the green oasis of your spring-season dreams. 

What Is A Lawn Care Program?

A lawn care program is a treatment plan composed of several visits. These visits may include fertilizer, weed control, or pest management applied by a trained Weed Man technician. Exact program components will vary depending on factors such as climate, soil temperature and composition, and local agronomics. The majority of our customers, however, will benefit from multiple fertilizer and weed control applications each year. 


A healthy dose of nutrients is exactly what your lawn needs in the spring. As with any living thing coming out of hibernation, once your turf comes out of dormancy, it’s hungry. It requires nutrients to strengthen its roots and to help it fight back against weeds and other pests. Weed Man’s exclusive blend of 65 percent slow-release fertilizer contains everything your lawn needs and will feed the grass plants slowly (over the course of several weeks). 

Weed Control

Full program customers benefit from pre-emergent weed control, meaning that Weed Man uses a product to stop weeds before they germinate, as well as post-emergent weed control, which allows us to treat weeds that have already sprouted over the course of several months. The result? A weed-free lawn all year long. We also provide free service calls between scheduled visits. If you see unwanted growth, call us! We’ll come back and spot treat weeds free of charge. 

Regular Monitoring

Program customers also enjoy the added benefit of regular observation and analysis from our technical team. If we suspect insect or disease activity, we’ll notify you right away. There are many pests that can destroy home lawns in a matter of weeks if not treated immediately. By investing in a lawn care program, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your turf is in the very capable hands of your local Weed Man.  

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